Hello I am Bubba. I am new to the Rescue. I am a 11 year old Green Wing Macaw. I still have 4 weeks with the rescue before I can be adopted. I love everyone but love women more. I do not like to be touched by new people. I will let a woman touch me and rub my head. I don't really want any men touching me at all. I will stand on a man's hand if I have to. I am not a biter or screamer. I am very shy and scared of new things. I do warm up quickly to people though. I love giving kisses. If you want to know more about me please contact my foster parents at the rescue. 09/11/2017

Hello. My name is Baby. I am a 8 year old Umbrella Cockatoo. I love attention. I want to be the only bird in the house because I get jealous if you pet anything else. I need a lot of one on one attention. I do tend to bite when I get excited which is not a lot. That is why I want a quite household with me and my new human. 

Hello We are Happy & Riley. We are a bonded pair. Which means we have to be adopted together. We are self sufficient and don't like to be touched. We need someone who will leave our cage open all the time. We are much to old to be moved into a house where people think they can bother us by trying to make us sociable. We like being left alone but do like for you to talk to us and sing to us. Just no touching.    

Hello, We are the little's. We are parakeets. There are 4 of us total. We would love to have a home where we can be let out of our cages and our new owners will play with us and give us treats and love us. We are a little skiddish at first, but will warm up to you really quick. Just because we are little doesn't mean that we can't be as fun as the larger parrots. If you are interested in us please give the rescue a call.

Hello, Our name is Elaina and Sherlock. We are a mated pair of Cockatiels. We have to go to a new home together. I can be hateful at times but my girlfriend is sweet and loves attention. We need someone who will give us a lot of attention and let us out of the cage as much as possible. If interested in us please give the rescue a call.